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Intentionally connecting things to solve problems.

Jamie Jay is a design leader and strategist in New Jersey. He delivers business value through designs that solve problems and exceed expectations. He is an expert in merging business and user goals into meaningful, delightful experiences. In 2021 he was awarded a patent for "Comprehensive in-situ structured document annotations with simultaneous reinforcement and disambiguation"—A tagging system using suggested annotations from a content enrichment system.

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My experience affords me the unique ability to lead multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges. As a result, I enjoyed bringing solutions to the market for companies such as Elsevier, CorpU, Comcast, Xfinity, Skype, and HBO.

What Sets Me Apart

I care about the end-to-end experience

I think about the whole journey. You’ll often find me partnering with different disciplines to uncover opportunities or strategic initiatives.

I'm a realistic optimist

I balance creativity with a sense of realism and honesty about what is achievable in the longer term.

I look for game-changing information at the periphery

I explore new opportunities that may exist outside of the project focus and may not be readily apparent.

My Philosophy

Everything is a learning experience

It’s not a mistake but instead, it’s a learning experience. Learn quickly and move forward.

Challenge beliefs and assumptions

Don’t latch on to ideas quickly and become over-confident. Bring clarity and confidence to projects by rigorous iterations and testing.

Have an inspirational vision and realistic approach

Offer vision to inspire and motivate while acknowledging the reality of the challenge.

Case Studies

I lead multi-disciplinary teams responsible for delivering end-to-end user experiences. Day-to-day my job is a mix of leading teams, design operations, strategy, partnering with cross-functional teams, mentoring, hands-on design, applying research insights, and the occasional prototyping of new ideas.

Skills: Multi-disciplinary teams · Cross-team Collaboration · Strategy · UXD · UID