An introvert with extrovert tendencies


Jamie enjoys being a husband and father to two girls. He and his family recently moved from city to country to experience more nature.

He has a thirst for knowledge. He reads different kinds of subject matter: Romance of Reality to Lifespan to Thinking in Systems. In addition, I have an insatiable appetite for Design industry books.

During warmer months, he enjoys landscaping projects, being a lawn care nut, and gardening.

Other times, you'll find him exploring abstract painting techniques, fitness, bio-energetic technology, biohacking, biotechnology, DNA repair, learning artificial intelligence, building computers/servers, and crypto.

What Makes Him Unique
What Colleagues Say
What Interests Him

Family Man

Husband, father, and animal lover.

Ethereum mining farm

A Nerd at Heart

Cryptocurrency, home networking, building servers from scratch, and tinkering with technology are fun.

Mexico, Italy, Washington, Utah trips

Love to Travel

So many cultures, so little time.

Abstract photographs


Photography started at an early age. There is beauty in all things, specifically abstract nature.

50' bamboo grove, Panasonic solar panels

Earth Conscious

Make the planet better by planting trees and having a solar roof.